Social Networking

Free Social Networking Can Lead to Big Sales

Social networking can lead to steady sales and organic links which can really help your business overall.
The fact that it is free makes it even better, but you have to use social networking in the right way in order to make sales from it.

There are many different social networks available including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, countless forums, blogs, chat rooms and a whole host of other social networking that hasn’t even been invented yet.

However, the concept of making sales from social networking is basically the same no matter what network it is.

Many people make the mistake of getting on too many social networks, trying to make sales on every one. They spread themselves too thin and wind up not making an impression on anyone.

Other people make a presence on social networks by being a salesperson going up to complete strangers and making sales pitches to them.

This is an immediate turnoff and doesn’t usually result in sales. So forget about trying to reach the masses through social networking and concentrate on one or two networks.

Start with some research. Start searching for your keywords and products and find out where people are talking about them.

Then join in the conversation. Naturally you’ll have an opinion and naturally people will find out what your interest is. This is when sharing links and talking about what you sell turns into sales.

Chance are, if you have found a social networking place that involves the product you are selling, others who want to buy your product will naturally find your products there too.

After a few months of daily comments, you will be considered an expert or the ‘go-to person’ for those products.

Think about in brick-and-mortar terms. If you open a neighborhood store, you may not get much traffic at first, but if you have a good product and you start helping people with their problems, they will come back when they need your help again.

Not only that, they will also tell their friends who will then tell their friends.

At a certain point your store will become so popular that everyone will naturally want to shop there for your product because so many people have now told them about your store.

That is how social networking makes you sales that are not dependent on adverting, but rather word of mouth.

So to reiterate, the key to social networking is to pick one or two places and stay there. Being a constant presence in one place is the best way to make lasting relationships that produce sales.

If you want to make that your place (like your own Facebook page or your own blog) that’s fine, but there is nothing wrong with starting out in someone else’s space and eventually making it your own.

Think of the Internet as a lot of small towns connected by a highway. Stake out your town and eventually everyone will pass by it, especially if a customer from somewhere else recommends you.

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