Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the Fastest Way to Reach Customers

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing, including short message service marketing, is basically reaching people with advertising on their mobile phones and devices.

Short messaging service is more specifically accomplished through texting.

Mobile marketing has a quick response time, which is an average of four minutes. This is because with something like a mobile phone, the receiver is alerted by their phone ringing that you have sent them a message.

This makes mobile marketing perfect for regional and limited time offers, as you have the attention of your customer almost immediately. As well, you know who the person is because you have their phone number.

So in order to launch a mobile marketing campaign you have to have the phone numbers of the people you are trying to reach, which can be a little tricky.

You can buy a list of targeted phone numbers, but this may not be advisable because sending unsolicited texts to random people tends to make them angry.

As well, there are best practices in place for this kind of marketing and this type of practice is frowned upon by some mobile marketing companies.

The most effective, though time-consuming way, to get a mobile marketing campaign started is to collect the cell phone numbers of your customers with the idea that you will be sending them special offers.

The good thing about these kinds of campaigns is that your customers will be welcome to pass the deal onto their friends. This creates a sort of viral effect if you have a good list of phone numbers from loyal customers and a particularly good offer.

These special mobile marketing offers are perfect for raising quick cash, because people get the offer and can respond almost immediately.

By getting an instant response, you can then tweak the offer and resend it if you don’t get the response you are looking for.

The other great thing about mobile devices is that 91% of North Americans have them, so it’s almost as good as a snail mail campaign in the fact that you can reach almost any customers using mobile marketing.

Since most people have their phones with them at all times, the likelihood of reaching them almost instantly is practically guaranteed.

This is why your mobile marketing list should be a little bit different from an email list in the fact that you will be getting a live person on the other end.

This means that you should be more selective with who you send your offer to and make the offers better than what a customer could get in the mail or on the Internet.

Considering the fact that you are sending a known customer a great instant offer, it is more likely that they will respond to a mobile marketing offer than with any other way of reaching them if you plan it right.

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