Ten Free Marketing Strategies

Ten Free Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

Any small business these days will use Internet marketing strategies to make more sales. With three out of four people using the Internet regularly in North America today, it is easier than ever to get the


word out about your business. Even if you only sell locally, the Internet is still the most looked at resource for information.

It is now free and extremely cheap to set up a quality website or blog and also easy to do so even if you have no technical expertise.

Most website technology is now point and click, and websites and blogs are also easy to get ranked with simple instructions from the hosting company.  With this in mind, here are ten Internet marketing strategies that you can use today!

1. Local keywords:  Using local keywords in the copy of your blog or website and tagging them for the search engines is essential if you own a local establishment and want to get that local traffic. If you don’t know how to do this, there is plenty of free information out there on how to get started.

2. Free incentive gifts:  When someone buys a product, give them a free eBook that goes along with their purchase. For example, if you sell vitamins and supplements, give away a free health book with purchases of $25.00 or more. You can get a book written for almost nothing by an Internet writer and then include it with the shipment or as a free download.

3. Social networking: Get a Fanbook page on Facebook for your business. You can have as many fans as you want and offer coupons or discounts to your followers. As well, become an expert in a chat forum and start recommending your product once you have established yourself.

4. Email Marketing Strategies: Make your emails interactive and give an incentive for those who respond. For example, you can ask a trivia question and whoever gets it right receives a coupon or discount offer. This way, you can see how effective your email list is.

5. Affiliate marketing:  Sell someone else’s product on your website along with your own. Affiliate marketing strategies work several ways. First, these companies pay commissions for sales that you make. Second, selling someone’s complimentary products on your own website makes your business look busier and more connected.

6. Local Websites: Any marketing strategies should include being listed on local websites. Do an online search with your local city, county, state, region, etc and you will find local websites that advertise businesses in the area for free. This is because they need as many links and local businesses as possible to become an authority on the web.

7. Back links: Get as many back links as possible. Back links are links from other businesses that may be similar or not, but the more credible links you have to your website, the higher your ranking will be.

8. Online reviews: One of the best marketing strategies is to have a place on your blog or website where happy customers can write reviews. It is even better if they can provide you a link to their website.

9. Customize your emails with your logo: If you don’t have a great logo, get one designed. Don’t do it yourself. It doesn’t cost much to have one made for you and will make all the difference if you include your logo on every piece of email and everything else you send out.

10. Be an expert: One of the best marketing strategies is to write a book about what you are selling or have it ghostwritten for you. You can sell the book or give it away with purchase, but a book will make you an instant authority and people will buy more just because of that.

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