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Free Blogs Will Drive Traffic to Your Website if You Know How to Use Them

If you want free blogs to drive traffic to your website, you really have to know how to use them to make sales.

A lot of marketing know-it-alls push blogs as a way to make sales, but this may not be the case if someone reads your blog to get information and then goes somewhere else to purchase the product they are looking for.

Free blogs like can establish you as a knowledgeable person in your industry, give your website a higher ranking, or get people to go to your website, but do these people really convert into customers?

They probably don’t. If everyone who read your blog were a customer, then you would probably be looking for more products to sell.

So if you have fallen into the trap of thinking that free blogs will automatically generate sales, you have been reading too much on the Internet. Free blogs have to be written correctly to make sales for your company.

We’re assuming that you already have traffic coming to your blogs through back links, tagged keywords and the fact that your blog is correctly submitted to the search engines.

Your blogs may not be on the first page of a search, but people should be able to find you through your links from other sites.

However, once they find you what do they get? Free information about a topic relevant to what you are selling? If you give someone free information about a topic relevant to what they want to buy, chances are they will read your information, make a few notes and pick up the product the next time they are out running errands.

Even worse, if you sell something like computer software, they may get the free information they need from your blogs and then download the product free somewhere else as a promotion.

In other words, now that they have your free information, they no longer need you or your product.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that because you have a lot of traffic or that your free blogs have a high ranking that this will convert into sales.

What this means is that your blog needs to center around the fact that people need you to help them with the product.

You can’t’ just give them information on what product will solve their needs and let them buy it somewhere else. Somehow you need to convince that with you as part of the equation -the product will be better.

You can do this by including free booklets with the product. These booklets are offered as an incentive to buy the original product from you because this is extra information that only you have.

Because this information is only available through your blogs, it gives the impression that if someone doesn’t buy from you, they may be missing something essential that will make their experience much better.

It’s that doubt and curiosity that you can put into someone’s mind that will get them to buy from you.

Putting that question mark in their mind draws them to you and literally compels them to buy because they are wondering what they will be missing if they don’t buy from you.

Take the time to write (or have someone write) a booklet like “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…” or “Ten Better Ways to…” as a free promotion with purchase and you will get more sales conversions from your blogs.

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