Attitude: The Key to Success

All the successful entrepreneurs share a common belief. It’s the “Can Do” attitude. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around them, who says it can’t be done, who says it can, they put on the blinders and do it. They make it happen.

Now along the way, we all pick up skills we need to develop to deal with different aspects of our businesses. As you grow and develop and learn more about how to do business and you start experiencing success, you develop your self confidence. You become more comfortable having intelligent conversations with other people in your industry.

You learn to set goals. And then you learn how to achieve them. Just thinking I’d like to make a million dollars this year isn’t going to do it. You need a plan. You need to plan your work and work your plan.

And you have to learn how to guard your time. You have to be ruthless with your time management. I set a schedule for myself so my day is broken up into blocks.

– I answer my email first thing in the morning.
– Next I spend 2 hours on my marketing.
– I work on projects for about 3 hours
– I take about an hour at the end of the day to tie up loose ends

Time is more valuable than money. It’s the only thing all human beings share. None of us has more or less hours in a day. And you can never get back an hour you waste. But if you want to succeed online you have to start with a “can do attitude”.